About us

The Consultc International Inc. Corporation, is currently composed of:

  • Consult International Inc, in the United States.
  • Consult International Inc, Sucursal Colombia.
  • Specialized Technical Services Consultec Mexico.
  • Specialized and Technical Consulting Consultec, Peru.

Consultec International Inc., was established in March 2007 in Florida, USA. In April, began activities in Mexico, providing services to the companies Schlumberger, HAES, Halliburton, Optimal Pressure Drilling Services, Comerlat and Landmark. In September 2008, its permanent establishment was established in Mexican territory and in November the company incorporated Weatherford into its main clients, through the provision of Personnel Outsourcing and Head Hunting Services. In December 2009 and March 2010 the subsidiaries were created in Colombia, since September 2011 has presence in Dubai and Iraq. Between September 2012 and August 2014, the subsidiaries of Specialized Technical Services (STE) Consultec S de RL, Mexico (STE Consultec) and, Specialized and Technical Consultancy (CET) of Peru SAC (Consultec del Perú) were created. In 2019, Consultec Overseas SA is created in San José de Costa Rica.

Provide technical and training solutions with an integral vision, considering the needs of the client’s business value chain, using multifunctional equipment and the application of cutting-edge methodologies and procedures, under the concepts of Project Management.

Our Mission

CONSULTEC INTERNATIONAL develops solutions in human resources, consulting and projects, based on the competencies of our team, the welfare of people, and integration with our stakeholders looking to be a successful and recognized company.

Our Vision to 2023

Consolidate as leaders in human resources solutions, consulting and projects, supported by competent people, of high human quality and motivated, by our social and environmental management, our capacity of response and financial support, achieving to be an important option in the national market and international.

Human Talent

Consultec has a qualified, highly competitive, dynamic human capital to compete within a globalized environment, with an open and flexible vision before changes and transformations, committed to the generation of sustainable value and the creation of competitive advantages for the client.